I create algorithms that connect dots. Lots of them. Of all sizes and colors.

Computers run those algorithms, assembling patterns of dots from a seed.

They grow images, for me to pick up and share.

Only dots can be used. And only dots that touch one another.

No collision, no isolation. Only network and connection.

As atoms. As cells. As ourselves.


I am a French-native, Singaporean-resident generative artist.

I started a generative design blog in 2007, to share the result of new generative algorithms based on vector graphics shapes.

In October 2009, I started to play with circle packing algorithms, and kept experimenting with them ever since.

I have been commissioned by MSL Group in 2014 and 2015 for several designs.


As a generative artist, my medium is mainly computers and programming languages. You can have a look at my setup here, or learn about the algorithms here.


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