Bio and statement

Welcome and thanks for coming to my website !

I am Julien, a french software engineer exploring generative design since 2007.

As a kid, I discovered generative design with fractals, and spent hundred hours exploring the Mandelbrot set.

This led me to study computer science, implementing a distributed Mandelbrot renderer, and some custom IFS algorithms.

During those years, I also came across the concept of emergence, where simple elements and local rules can produce designs with incredible and beautiful complexity.

I decided then to pursue the exploration of this concept to create a different kind of generative art, path that I have been following ever since.

My work is solely made of dots arrangement, computed one by one from a single original seed by a custom algorithm.

I program the rules to compute new dots for old ones beforehand, then explore different ways to parameterize them. I then generate a lot of different designs, and select interesting ones, to be refined or further explored.

While I have been using different programming languages along the years (Python, Ruby, C++), my work is now based on C and Tcl for desktop, and vanilla Javascript with WebGL for the browser.

"Everything starts from a dot"
Wassily Kandiski