Generative Dotillism

blue hole 2018   julien leonard dots art

Hi there ! Welcome !
I am Julien,
And this is DOTIFULLY,

One little corner of the web,
where I collect and present
the findings of my dots explorations.

floating museum 2018   julien leonard dots art

Every design is the result
of assembling dots, one after the other,
from a single root.

Dots sequence, radiuses and colors
are computed by custom algorithms,
whose parameters landscape I explore
to select pleasing or interesting designs.

nidation 2017   julien leonard dots art

It is hardly possible to predict up front
the kind of design that will emerge
from a set of parameters and algorithm.

It is difficult to believe
that such simple geometric rules can often generate
such complex and organic compositions.

sleeping forest 2018   julien leonard dots art

You can find my work
On Twitter
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Or contact me
By email
At this adress

dynabatik 2018   julien leonard dots art